Laura C Cloonan


"Trying to do the Whole30 on my own was a terrible experience. I felt like I understood it better when Laura took the guess work out of it and I could build upon what she taught us. Whole30 University was wonderful because it provided a community aspect; having support and accountability is 75% of what it takes to succeed in this program. When you're trying on your own, you don't see that it really isn't that hard. This time I was not only prepared but emotionally and mentally invested -- that's what helped me to the finish line!" 


"It can be overwhelming to think about all the time to be spent learning, shopping, and prepping. Laura breaks it down; her approach to getting you up and running is so smart. I would have spent hours wandering around the grocery store looking for the right ingredients. Laura helped me understand how and why to choose a product, how I could cut down meal prep time by the way I shopped, and so many meal prep shortcuts! My meal prep time went from 6 hours to 2 hours!! Laura is so knowledgeable, inspiring, and worth every penny!!


"I had been hearing about the Whole 30 program for some time.  I was always interested in learning more, since those that completed it saw great success.  I was a bit apprehensive since I am a full time working Mom of 3 little kids. I felt trapped using those meal delivery services and frustrated that I was putting in the time exercising but could not get ahold of my diet.  Laura gave me the cliff notes version of the Whole30 and helped me with my “need-to-knows” so I could put the little time I have for meal prep to good use. She also helped me discover how to be a smart consumer, gave me a ton of tips and tricks for grocery shopping, and helped me learn how to meal prep for the whole week in two hours- that’s one nap time! 

This experience has been invaluable.  Not only have I met my weight loss goals, but discovered so many other great benefits of clean eating. I cannot thank you Laura enough!