Laura C Cloonan
  • How does the Whole30 work?

    The Whole30 eliminates food groups that do not follow the "Good Food Standards" for 30 days; you then re-add them to your diet, noticing how they affect your energy, digestion, and overall health.

Whole30 follows the Four Good Food Standards:


Promote a healthy psychological response


Promote a healthy hormonal response


Support a healthy gut


Support a healthy immune system

Alex before Whole30, July 2018

Why would someone want to do a Whole30?

- Discover food intolerances

- Weight Loss

- Create a healthy relationship with food

- Tame or eliminate sugar cravings

- Non-Scale Victories (look here). 

Alex after Whole30, August 2018
Alex after Whole30, August 2018

What can I eat on the Whole30?

Buffalo Chicken Salad with Whole30 approved Ranch Dressing

The "Yes"

- Meat, Seafood, Eggs

- Vegetables

- Fruit

- Nuts

- Healthy Fat

- Whole30 approved partners/products

-Seasonings, spices, herbs

The "Not for 30 days"






-No recreations (ie: pancakes with Whole30 ingredients)


Have I scared you off yet? You got this.